10 Tips for Using the Internet as a Resource

What some people don’t realize is that the Internet is a fantastic resource for nutrition information, recipes, and kitchen tips. It can seem overwhelming at times, but here are some tips to help you get the best use of the Internet.

A computer screen, showing the Google search bar
Searching on Google | Photo by Elizabeth Layman
  1. Keep it specific: When using Google or other search engines, keep your searches specific. If you’d like to search for ways to make good smoothies, type in “easy smoothie recipes” or “healthy smoothies.”
  2. Use the top results: Focus on search results that are at the top of the first page. They will be the most relevant to the item that you searched for and also the most popular.
  3. Maximize your options: For the most options, click on the search result that has a number in the title. For example, click on the website title that reads “20 Super Healthy Smoothies” (20 drinks) instead of the website that reads “Green Smoothie Recipe” (1 drink) for more smoothie options.
  4. Save your favorites: Save a favorite website by using the “bookmark” or “favorite” features. Alternately, write it down by hand.
  5. Expedite your search: Use a website’s search capability to search for a specific ingredient or kitchen term. Type in “banana” to see all the recipes on the website that use the word “banana.”
  6. Spread the word: Encourage your favorite disability agency website or online newsletter to include healthy recipes or disability-related tips for shopping and cooking.
  7. Revive your leftovers: Don’t throw them out. Let Google help you give them a second or even a third life. Simply, list the leftovers into the search bar, click, and there’s dinner!
  8. Use videos: Check out YouTube for cooking demos that address disability issues. Type into Google “Youtube, disability, cooking,” or include your specific impairment when searching, such as “Youtube, blind, cooking.” You can also go straight to Youtube.com to search for these disability-related cooking videos.
  9. Pin it: Pinterest works like a fancy bulletin board where you can find everything from wedding dresses to home improvement tips. Create an account and then “pin” your favorite recipes. The beautiful pictures and vast variety of ideals will no doubt inspire you. Check out our NEW DOOR project Pinterest page for ideas.
  10. Shop online: Research online grocery options in your area and then get groceries delivered right to your door. For example, in the San Francisco Bay Area, Instacart, AmazonFresh, and Google Shopping Express are favorites. Also, ePantry specializes in shipping you sustainable, affordable cleaning products and other household products.

Bonus: There are many phone apps that can help you too. Check out Epicurious, which has a website and an app for your phone that allows you to save favorite recipes and type in random ingredients to help you make recipes with whatever you have in the refrigerator each day.


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