Tips for a Gluten-Free Diet on a Budget

Several loaves of bread with price tag that read "Gluten Free"
Look for gluten-free signs at the grocery store | Photo by Elizabeth Layman

Gluten-sensitivity has skyrocketed the past couple years, giving rise to new creativity to avoid this popular ingredient. Here are some tips to help people who are trying to avoid gluten without breaking their banks:

  • Buy pantry items, such as beans, rice, gluten-free pasta, quinoa, canned tomatoes, and canned pumpkin, on sale. Stock up when you can and buy in bulk.
  • Eat more vegetarian and vegan meals to moderate your meat consumption.
  • Make your own snacks instead of buying prepackaged foods. For instance, making hummus is much cheaper than buying it from the store. We have an easy hummus recipe all ready for you.
  • Eat more potatoes. Try our Red Mashed Potatoes recipe.
  • Eat breakfast for dinner, as it is nutritious and easy.
  • Make soup. Check out our “Soups and Salads” tab.
  • Use a slow cooker and save on energy costs. Be sure to look at our slow cooker recipes, such as our Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal recipe and our Acorn Squash recipe.
  • Make your own broth. Heat a pot of water and add vegetables from your refrigerator, such as onions, carrots, and celery.
  • Use leftovers to make meals. Combine foods you have, such as rice and chicken, to make soup.

For more information, visit our resource listed below:
Gluten Free Goddess 

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