Tips for Cooking with One Hand

Cooking with one hand can seem difficult, but there are strategies and kitchen equipment that can make it easier!

A set of tongs rests on a dark table
Tongs are a helpful tool | Photo by Elizabeth Layman
  • Have a variety of proper utensils in your kitchen. Tongs are helpful to a one-handed cook, and they come in a variety of sizes and styles. Adapted tong forks are also available.
  • Use a cutting board with stainless steel nails to stabilize food for cutting. Cutting boards are available with raised borders to push against for stabilization.
  • Slide, rather than lift, when cleaning heavy pots and pans. It is helpful to have a buffet on wheels that is at the level of the counter and can be easily slid to and from the cart without lifting.
  • Use vegetable steamers and pot inserts to easily lift food without having to move pans.
  • Mechanical can openers are useful and can be mounted to a wall.
  • Use one hand to crack an egg. Hit the egg against the side of the bowl. Then, use your thumb and index finger to push the top half of the egg up, while using the ring finger and little finger to pull the bottom half down.
  • Clean fruits, vegetables, and dishes using scrub brushes secured with suction cups to the counter or sink. Store fresh clean vegetables to use later in the week.
  • Wash dishes, rinse them with a spray hose, and let them air dry.
Many wet dishes, sitting on a drying rack
Air drying dishes is the way to go | Photo by Elizabeth Layman

Adapted from The Disabled Gourmet, 1998.

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