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Sharing this site:

We’d like you to share this site and the information on it with your friends, your family, your neighbors, your dog. However, portions of this text may be reproduced for education purposes, only if individual authors and the World Institute on Disability are fully credited in each transmission or reproduction in any form, provided parts reproduced are distributed for free–not for profit. Any organization or individual who wishes to copy, reproduce, or adapt any or all parts of this website for commercial purposes must obtain permission from the World Institute on Disability.

In layman’s terms, give credit where credit is due (we sure try to do the same!), and don’t try to make money off something that we are giving freely to the world.

For inquiries, please contact Marsha Saxton at the World Institute on Disability: 510-255-6400 or

A mason jar, filled with grated cheddar and Parmesan cheese
So, who came up with all these cheesy captions?

The minds behind the project:

Marsha Saxton, PhD, is the Project Director of NEW DOOR at the World Institute on Disability and lecturer in Disability Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. Marsha has published widely and presented training in recent years in Australia, Japan, Britain, Finland, Qatar, Canada, and the U.S. with interests in nutrition and fitness, health access disparities, violence prevention as they intersect with disability, and bio-ethical issues of reproductive technologies.

Josephine Schallehn works as a project coordinator at WID with a range of issues, including researching and editing for NEW DOOR. She has been actively involved in several hard-of-hearing support groups, sharing knowledge and resources to foster well-being.

Gabriel Many helped kick off the NEW DOOR project in 2012. He has experience as a community organizer and as a human rights activist in Latin America. He worked with WID as a researcher, multi-media technologist, and Spanish translator from 2006 to 2014.

Holly Siegrist was a 2014 NEW DOOR intern. As a hard of hearing person, she has an interest in health promotion and empowerment for disabled people. She is currently working on her doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Alliant International University in San Francisco.

Elizabeth Layman is a 2015 NEW DOOR intern. She edited, organized, and stitched together all the wonderful work done for the project in the past three years. With a history in food blogs, she dreams in recipes. Every day, she is amazed anew by how good food can unite and empower people. She hopes to continue finding ways to give people of all abilities the chance to enjoy food as much as she does.

Elaine Gerber is an Associate Professor of Anthropology at Montclair State University. Her current research addresses food insecurity and disablement and the cultural construction of disability. More information about her work can be found by following this link to her profile on the Montclair State University website. From day one, she offered incredible advice and support for the Disability FEAST project.

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